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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Finally! An update…

Yesterday C and I both went to my first OB appointment.  I have to admit that I was incredibly nervous about the sonogram and what we would see (or not see) on it.  I kept trying to mentally prepare myself for the worst. I even decided to wear waterproof mascara so that if the result was not good, then I could try to not look like I had been crying when I picked up Nathan as to not upset him. (You can tell I’ve had plenty of practice with this sort of thing, right?) Thankfully, a quick sonogram reassured us that our sweet baby is thriving in there! Speaking of, the sonogram showed that the uterus has already risen out of the pelvis at 9 weeks of pregnancy. With Nathan, this didn’t happen until around 12 weeks along.  I am guessing that this is due to getting bigger more quickly with second babies. Good to know.

I LOVE the first OB that we met. He is a super-tall giant of a man with a great shock of snow-white hair and the energy of a thirty-year old. He acted as if he had all the time in the world to patiently address every question and concern of ours. He took a thorough health history of mine and (for once) did not panic like most doctors tend to do.  I can tell he started to “up his game” so to speak and asked me to give him more details. He then decided to see me every two weeks instead of the usual four. Not necessarily because I am ‘high risk’ at this point, but he does want to keep close tabs on me just in case any problems do arise. The birth, however, is high-risk. At this point in time, we are still unsure exactly what our options are in terms of getting the baby out when it is time.  I mean, there are only two routes available to choose from, but the decision is an important one.  I’ll go into more detail later on about the issues surrounding birthing a child.

I’ll have to show you the sonogram picture later on, but let me just say that it is AMAZING to see a fully formed, 2.5 inch baby! She (I’m just going to call it a girl for now) had her little hands up on either side of her face. She was kicking off of the side of the womb and wiggling around.  I read online that the baby can kick, wiggle, swallow, hiccup, and grasp objects. I am assuming the grasping is of hands, face, and umbilical cord. It is not like there are any other options. 😉

As for me, I am feeling great at 10 weeks along. I thank God every day (morning, and night)for letting me experience a completely healthy, normal pregnancy this time around. I still feel very nausea in the evenings, but I am able to control it with anti-nausea medication, clear liquids, and small meals.  I am one pound shy of my pre-pregnancy weight, which is way ahead of where I was with Nathan at 2.5 months along.  I feel very good in the mornings, so I am thinking about starting some moderate exercises each day to help me stay strong and healthy for when the baby arrives.

Anyhow…I will be sure to post some pictures tomorrow of the baby. Plus, my friend and I had a totally AMAZING ladies’ day out to the spa yesterday, so I’ll write about that too.



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