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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Father’s Day 2012

Today all 3.5 of us headed out to the golf course for our first round of golf with Nathan.  Needless to say, Nathan was beyond thrilled with a chance to play ‘real’ golf with his daddy!

Nathan was such a champ. He stayed on his daddy’s heels the entire time, mimicking his every move and step.  He even got to drive the golf cart, though we didn’t exactly allow him to.  While waiting for C’s turn to play a hole, Nathan climbed into the drivers seat. Next thing I know, he floored the gas pedal and we took off on a wild ride down a hill. I finally managed to regain my balance and jerk his foot off of the gas to get the cart back under control. It took awhile to get my heart rate back within a normal range. I learned something new today- if you are in need of a jolt of energy to wake up, simply let a 2 year old drive you in a golf cart. You’ll find yourself WIDE AWAKE in no time at all. True story.

C really enjoyed playing golf with everyone today. It is nice because before Nathan was even born, C mentioned that he hopes that if he has a son, that his son will like playing golf. I guess we can consider his wish fulfilled. I forgot to mention, while on the practice greens, Nathan made a super-long putt to within inches from the hole! There were a few guys standing around and they all cheered for him. We had no idea they were even watching him. One man came over and asked us how hold “that boy” is, he guessed around 3 or 4. I told him that he is only 2 and this is his first time playing on a real golf course. He shook his head in amazement and said “that boy is something else.” I told him thanks, and that we’re pretty proud of our miracle boy too! 🙂

On one of the later holes, a storm came through and we had to call it quits. We then headed out to a BBQ place. Nathan and I claimed a table while C grabbed some food for us. He came our way with two trays overflowing with Green beans, mac & cheese, baked beans, ribs, brisket, and BBQ chicken. The poor guy placed the trays onto the table, I smelled a hint of burnt meat and ended up having to run to the bathroom to get sick. I guess Baby #2 just wanted to make sure we didn’t forget him!

We had a really nice day together. To top it all off, I came home and tried the home Fetal Doppler to see if I could pick up the baby’s heartbeat on it. It took a few tries, but I ended up finding a ‘sweet spot’ and baby’s heartbeat was galloping away! SO amazing!


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