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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Naming the Bean

I can’t believe I almost forgot to update about the progress we’ve made on naming the bean! For a girl, the name will still be Natalie Noella Hearn.  We’re about 98% settled on the girl’s name.

For a boy’s name, we wanted to name him after one of the male relatives on my side of the family.  I felt it is important because my only sibling, G, will not be having any more children and only has one biological daughter along with his adorable step-daughter.  So any chance of carrying on names has to come from me.  I asked my dad if he could suggest a name from his side of the family. He immediately responded and suggested the name of his father’s brother, Uncle Willy or William.  He also suggested his father’s name, Benedict, or Ben.  Since my grandfather already has a grandson named after him, I asked C if he liked the name William or not. (He likes it!)

Next we had to come up with a middle name to go along with William.  One of the middle names I suggested before is Harrison.  C mentioned that if we change the ‘H’ in Harrison to ‘G’, then you have the name Garrison, which is very close to my dad’s name, Gary.  So at this point, we seem to both like the name William Garrison Hearn. It is a strong, traditional name and very meaningful since it takes after male relatives’ names.



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