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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Minding his Mommy…or else

Lately I have been getting onto Nathan about minding his Mommy better.  I have always ‘meant what I say’ when speaking to him, and follow through consistently with him if he doesn’t listen to me.  Now I have stepped it up a little more and my new rule is that I will ask him to do something no more than twice. If he does not follow through, then he goes in time-out. Period.

I implemented this new rule today.  I am pretty much the only person he ever really listens to, but lately due to feeling rough he hasn’t been listening to me. For example, if I call for him to come to me so I can get him changed and dressed, he started ignoring my request until the 3rd or 4th time I asked him, usually in an increasingly annoyed tone of voice.  This is unacceptable and disrespectful. I quickly grew tired of this game of his and decided to put my foot down and make the child understand how to respect his parents. The first few tries, he did his usual and ignored me at first.  I then walked up to him, made him look me in the eyes, and repeated my request. He pouted but did do what I told him to do.  I didn’t even have to put him in time-out! Whoo-hoo!

I am not one of those strict, militant kinds of parents. I think I have a very balanced approach toward rearing him. I am very well aware that it is our responsibility to teach him right from wrong, his manners, and how to have a good attitude toward life and other people.  I never, ever just give in because of laziness,impatience, or because it suits me better at the moment. I follow through with him because I know that I am shaping the kind of person that he’ll be as an adult now. He is too important to me for me to do anything less than what is best for him.

I am also silly and spontaneous with him.  I am strict when I need to be, but a fun mom the rest of the time.  I try to model the kind of person I hope he learns to be.  I want him to love learning, to be kind toward others, to have a pleasant attitude to be around, to have manners, a good work ethic, and so forth.  I like to be silly and sing and dance with him. The other night, we came up with a little yodeling skit while taking a bath. I stood next to him while he stood on the coffee table yodeling “Little old lady who” for his Dad. Did I mention that he was stark-naked while yodeling? It was quite a sight to behold! The Naked Toddler, Yodeling Duo was a huge hit in the Hearn household. 😉


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