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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

One more week to go…

I can’t believe I’m almost out of my first trimester! I have had quite a bit of nausea and fatigue, but not ONCE have I actually thrown up. I just can’t get over that. My pouch is still behaving beautifully, which means that I can sleep for 3-4 hours at a time at night between having to get up.  That is as good as, if not better, than I do when I’m NOT pregnant. Awesome.

Even without the vomiting, I do not think that I will be overly big with this one either.  I guess my body type just doesn’t allow for a cute, obvious baby bump.  I am just shy of 3 months pregnant and to be honest I don’t look any different than when I’m not pregnant, sans bloating.  I don’t think I have gained any weight yet, though I can tell my abdomen is expanding.  I know that the sonogram technician said that the uterus is already out of the pelvis, but I can’t feel anything at all.  It seems to be toward my back.  Oh well, as long as the baby is healthy, who cares, right?

Anyhow…Nathan still insists that I am having him a baby brother to love.  It is SO different expecting the second time around. For starters, I am not even concerned about gathering any baby supplies. With Nathan, I was smart enough to register for gender-neutral basics so that I can use it for the next child. I already have all of the gear that I need and even have neutral crib bedding.  I have some experience under my belt and know that for the first 6 months all I need is a double electric pump and other nursing supplies, some clothing, burp cloths, blankets, my co-sleeper bassinet, a car seat, baby carrier, and his little portable bouncer seat.  I have to restock my nursing supplies but I am pretty much all set for the baby.  I even have tons of one-size cloth diapers ready to use after I recover from the birth well enough to use them.

One thing I do want to make is a wrap-style baby sling.  It is mainly just a few yards of soft material that you can use to secure the baby to you. They love being close to mommy, and it gives mommy’s arms a break from holding the baby.  I am definitely anti-container baby.  I prefer to carry my baby around in a sling instead of sticking them in a carseat or other container of some sort.  Babies thrive from the extra motion stimulation and human contact, and I found that more contact with my baby helps keep up the supply for nursing as well as keeping me in tune to my baby’s needs. It’s just what works for me.

I still can’t believe I am having a baby! I can’t wait to see those little toes and soft downy head snuggled under my chin. Six more months to go! 🙂



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