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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Minor Setbacks

This past Friday, while at work, I started experiencing some cramping and light spotting.  I kept panic at bay as I called my OB office to find out what I could do to help stop the cramping.  The OB told me to go straight to the emergency room and get checked out immediately. I hated to leave work half way through, but this child I am carrying needs me to look after him/her, so I closed the lab and headed to the ER.

At the ER, they diagnosed me with mild hyperemesis gravardium (HG) and a threatened abortion, which is where the body seems to be trying to abort (reject) a viable pregnancy.  I was really surprised with the HG diagnosis.  I told them that I had bad nausea but was able to control it (prevent actual vomiting) by taking the medication and monitoring my diet and fluids.  They said that my symptoms and body fits the diagnosis, so that is why they diagnosed me with HG. To help with that, they gave me IV fluids.

The did a pelvic exam, then an ultrasound which showed the baby jumping and wriggling around everywhere. Seeing the baby doing so well was a HUGE relief. They then did blood work and said that my rare blood types means that I must get a RhoGam shot to help prevent my body from rejecting the baby. I was finally released around midnight and was sent home and told to lay down and rest for the weekend.

Saturday morning I woke up and took care of Nathan until C got home from his golf lesson, then I made sure to lay down and rest. I did have some cramping off and on, but by Sunday it pretty much stopped. I knew that they baby was fine, so I tried not to worry too much. It was challenging for me to stay positive while waiting to find out if I was losing the baby or not at the ER.  I consider myself to be a very strong person except for when it comes to my babies possibly being in danger. The extra hormones and fatigue pretty much led to a good old-fashioned cry after all was said and done.  A few hugs from C and Nathan made it all better. 🙂

A dear friend of mine, J, and her little boy, Jr, came to stay with us a few days while her hubby was out of town.  Nathan and Jr played their little hearts out every moment that they could and had a blast together. J was a HUGE help! She helped me around the house and flooded the house with her positive energy and attitude. She let me rest when I needed to and is just a encouraging, positive, loving person to be around.  She is also a devout Christian and so we got to share some heartfelt conversations about our roles as Mothers and wives in our lives.  She is incredibly genuine and knowledgable about living a Christ-centered life, so she has become almost like a mentor of sorts to me. Anytime I find myself struggling with something, she always has the wisdom and love to help guide me through it.  I am probably embarrassing her (sorry, J!) but I am incredibly grateful and blessed to know her.

One thing we talked about is how much we wish things could be like the good old days where ladies would get together and cook and offer each other companionship in the process.  Being able to tackle chores, cooking, and rearing our children in each other’s presence is such a huge source of comfort and positive energy.  Our children seem to benefit as well from each other’s company.  We help lessen each other’s load and lift each other’s spirit.

On Tuesday night, I cooked up a Southern fare of country fried steak with white gravy in the iron skillet, green beans, and mashed potatoes with gravy.  Wednesday, July 4th, I smoked some ribs, steamed some corn in the husk, made potato salad, and a fresh watermelon lemonade smoothie for us.  C whipped up his famous BBQ chicken on the grill, and we had ourselves a feast. We ended the night watching fireworks off of the back porch of our house. Since we live on the top of a hill, we can see all the fireworks from about a mile radius or so around us.  A perfect day! 🙂


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