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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Preparing for Baby

One thing I *really* want to do is get my house back under control.  A friend and I were talking about how I can make the house more manageable for when I am a busy mom of two.  So we sat down and came up with a plan of sorts to simplify things. This week, my goal is to fill one or two garbage bags of stuff to get out of my house. Some of it will just be thrown away, the rest will likely be donated to charity.  I have also picked out a few large toys that Nathan never uses to sell. I will use part of the money from that toward buying him a tricycle bike that he really wants, and the rest will be put away for when the baby comes.

For pregnancy news, I am in my second trimester but I still do not have my energy back. The nausea does seem a little better, so that is a great start. Nathan still randomly comes up to me with a goofy smile and reminds me that his, “baby brover” is in “mommy belly.”  It’s so sweet. He is genuinely excited about being a big brother. He is such a social little guy and loves having a side-kick to play with.

Nathan is becoming quite the chatterbox. He is rarely quiet and narrates every little thing that he does. Lately he has even been making up stories or telling me what he sees and hears. For example, he’ll say and sign, “Mommy! What’s that? I hear big, red firetrucks! It goes WOO WOO WOO! Bye-bye firetrucks! It went that way!”

When the fireworks were going off for the week of July Fourth, he would narrate what he hears. “Mommy! What’s that I hear? I hear fireworks! High in the sky goes BOOM! Red lights! Big “geem” lights! Lots of lights stars go BOOM! One, two, three, four fireworks BOOM far, far away!”

He still speaks and signs at the same time. I can ‘turn off my voice’ and only sign to him and he understands pretty much everything I say, which is super important to me so that he can be a part of both the Deaf and hearing cultures.  He can be a little stubborn though about signing. One time he and I got into a debate about the letter W versus the number 6, which are both signed the same way. If I am counting signs to him, he’ll yell “W!” when I get to the number 6, and vice versa when I am signing the alphabet to him. He also does the same thing with the letter L and the Number 21. I think he is just being silly. I don’t mind at all that he is having fun with his numbers and letters.




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