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Smart Shopping Fun

A few days ago I passed a milestone birthday. To celebrate starting my third second decade of life, C treated me to a pancake breakfast, a crab dinner, ice-cream cake, and also took me to our local Gap Clearance so that I could shop for some inexpensive maternity clothes. While there, I found 3 Gap maternity tops, pair of Banana republic ear rings, and a pair of super cute dark skinny Gap maternity jeans for the fall. I also found Nathan 2 cute PJ sets, 3 t-shirts, and ankle socks.  Had I bought these things in the store, I would have paid around $190, which is simply ridiculous. Instead, I got all of the above for a little less than $45! HaPpY DaNcE! 🙂

Something that surprised me is that some of the major children’s clothing stores are already starting their end-of-season clearance sales for their summer things. Ever since Nathan was born, I have always bought almost all of his clothes a season ahead. People ask me how do I know which size to buy. Since I am familiar with how the brand washes/wears and how the sizes fit, it is easy to buy a size or two up. Plus, if they do not fit, the stores are very good about accepting refunds. I can count on one hand how many items I have had to return things. So for next summer, I went ahead and shopped Crazy 8’s awesome sale. I bought him 6 t-shirts, a polo shirt, 2 coordinating shorts, and a pair of cute swim trunks on clearance. Each top normally costs $14.95, and the shorts either $14.95 or $16.95.  I paid between $2.99 and $3.99 for each!

I am going to wait until more stores put their summer things on clearance to buy the rest of his wardrobe. I have all the t-shirts that I think he will need, and I already have his basic shorts bought from Walmart for $1 each. Meijers and Walmart should put their “crocs” shoes and keen-like sandals for a few dollars sometime next month. I’ll probably buy him a couple of Ralph Lauren polo shirts for church from Ebay or for $12 at TJ Max and he’ll be all set!

I still have the vast majority of his clothes and shoes saved in case baby #2 is a boy. I am dreading having to sort through and resale his baby clothes if this one is a girl.  I figured that I will keep a few heirloom outfits for him to keep, and all the very basic items just in case we have a third and it’s a boy. I am not sure if we’ll be able to have a third, but you never know. 😉


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