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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Week 15-16, the most challenging so far…

So I am 16 weeks pregnant as of today.  I had a prenatal appointment and learned that a birth method or plan has been chosen for me. I also *finally* met THE OB doctor who I hope will be there to deliver me. All of them are wonderful in the practice, however, only one OB can sign ASL and is VERY Deaf-friendly.  It was so refreshing to have totally clear communication between my doctor and I.  She understands deafness because both her niece and daughter are both Deaf.  She even tapped out the heartbeat on my arm so that I could follow the heartbeat on the doppler!

Aside from finding out how fabulous my new OB is, she revealed the birth plan to me. After meeting with the high-risk OB, talking with surgeons, pain specialist, and all of her colleagues, they decided on what they feel will be the best option for me. Basically they will be giving my body a chance to go into labor and birth naturally.  The reason is because the risks associated with a c-section is greater for me than with a vaginal/natural birth. However, the only thing worse than a planned  c-section is if they have to do one in a hurry due to an emergency.

So…their plan is to monitor my labor very closely. If my labor fails to progress or the baby starts showing any form of distress, they will call it quits on my body and do a c-section while they still have a chance to take their time in surgery.  I am actually very happy about this and feel like this is the best option for me.  I still have some extra homework to do and also must meet ahead of time to discuss pain relief options with the anesthesiologist.   I will probably drag C along with me to some birthing classes so that we can both be as prepared as possible.

This past week has been the hardest for me for two reasons. The first reason is that my GI system decided to act up and thus made me feel very weak and POTSy. My OB increased my IV fluids to one and a half bags per day to help compensate for my body putting oral fluids on the express train out. My home health nurse also hooked me up with a portable IV pump so that I can carry my fluids around in a little purse/bag. The pump is a HUGE help with a busy toddler.  It was so nerve-wracking trying to make sure he didn’t pull on the IV tubing hanging from a tall metal IV pole. I am really loving the portability of this new pump!

Nathan is doing very well. He has been going through this “mommy’s boy” phase and insists on being right next to me at all times.  I know that this phase in life is incredibly short and precious, so I have been trying to make the most of it and spending lots of quality time with him.  We play with his cars and trucks, Rocket Launch pad/blast-off, catch with a soft toy ball, and he asks me to draw various shapes or objects for him.  We laugh and giggle and have a grand ole time together.

The second reason this week has been so hard is because a friend from my childhood home in Ga just lost her precious 3-month old little boy, baby E, to SIDS.  He went to sleep and woke up as an angel. I went through something very similar with Nathan when he was the same age, so it hit me especially close to home. I know the terror and absolute heart-wrenching fear that grips a mother’s heart when you find your baby looking greyish-blue and unresponsive. So although I know what she went through when she found him, I simply cannot imagine what she is going since he passed away.  She is an AMAZING Mommy to her children, so I hope that guilt will never be one of the emotions she experiences as she grieves and heals from his loss over time.

My heart goes out to her and all those who love baby E.  I wish so much that I could do more for them and my friends during this time. All of them have been so amazing and rallying around her to help celebrate baby E’s short time here on Earth.  One of my friends is an awesome photographer and took Baby E’s 3-month portraits a few days before he passed.  If you don’t mind, please take a moment to look at this sweet little angel boy and say a prayer for his family and loved ones as they go through this. If you are a mom of an infant, take care of infants, or soon to be a mommy, please take the time to research about SIDS.  In honor of Baby E, please spread the word about SIDS and SIDS prevention facts.  Thanks in advanced for prayers for this Angel’s family.


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