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Nathan’s Clone?

I could not get over how much my two boys seem to favor each other at 20 week’s gestation. I found a similar profile of Nathan around that age, and placed it beside one of Garrison. I also outline it to help make it easier to see. Nathan has his mouth open in his, and his head is turned a little bit, but it is still enough to make a comparison. They definitely look like brothers! 🙂


It’s a …..


Mr. William Garrison is on his way!

A quick funny story about the sonogram: The tech started off with the baby’s head and worked her way down doing measurements. She took a peek at his spine and then lifted the wand and placed it on the opposite side of my belly. All of a sudden, what appeared to be very obvious boy parts filled the entire viewing screen for a moment. Without missing a beat, I said, “Whoa…thats definitely all boy!” The tech laughed and confirmed that it is indeed a very obvious boy! 🙂

We are OVER THE MOON about having another son. Nathan is so looking forward to having a little buddy to rough house around with. Our wallets are excited about not having to buy any new clothes. I just can’t believe I am going to have TWO SONS! I am looking forward to watching them both tackle baseball, Judo, soccer, or whatever other interests they may want to try. We’ll definitely have two golf players. Their Dad is going to make sure of it!

On the sonogram, the profile view really favors Nathan’s profile around the same gestational age. They have the same head/forehead shape, button nose, and totally kissable little lips. (I LOVE Nathan’s little mouth. It’s adorable when he puckers up to give you a kissy! His pout is pretty cute, too).

To share the good news, I put together a little video with captions on little notecards.  I wanted to do captions so that my Deaf friends could follow along too. We had a few false starts trying to create the video clip.I tried to get Nathan to hold the cards at first, but he kept taking off with them. Next, I tried to set up the camera/phone on a chair and hold the cards up with Nathan by my side, but he kept squirming and wanting me to get various things for him while filming. I then tried it by myself, but he took off with the propped camera. Finally, I put the boy outside in our backyard and just did the cards on the floor. It still came out ok. 😉 I’ll try to get it posted soon.

It’s a BOY!!!! Holy cow…

It is official…I am a Freak of Nature.  I am almost 20 weeks pregnant, which is over half-way for me, and you can barely tell that I am pregnant.  I remember people not being able to tell I was pregnant when I wore certain clothes at 8 months with Nathan, so I guess not showing much is just normal for me. My doctor said that my extensive abdominal scars makes the abdominal wall resistant to stretching, so the baby gets pushed toward my back. This leaves me with a very small profile when pregnant.  Here’s a picture taken at 19 weeks 4 days preggo:

I know that my weight gain is doing great as I believe I am up about 12 pounds so far. I can also feel the baby’s hiccups and see some of the stronger kicks already, so I know that baby is getting stronger and bigger each week. Still, the Mommy in me can’t help but to worry about my baby’s growth. I know with Nathan, even though I carried him with a small profile, that he was always either average or bigger in size for his gestational age. In fact, the doctor said that he would have been between 8-8.5 pounds if born on his due date. So I know that my body is at least capable of growing a good sized baby.

Anyhow, tomorrow is our (slightly early) 20-week sonogram! We *may* find out what we’re having as well. I have been debating with myself for the last two months to make totally sure that I am not being impulsive about finding out what baby is. C was fine with it either way, but I know he is definitely looking forward to finding out the gender tomorrow. I think the main reason I wanted to go ahead and find out is because I need to sell or trade Nathan’s boy clothes for girl things if baby is a girl. If baby is another boy, I still have to sort through Nathan’s baby clothes because their birthdays mean that they will be wearing different sizes in different seasons. Since I will be working until right before the baby is born, and tired on my off days, it seems like a logical choice to give myself as much time as possible to prepare things.

Anyhow…for other news, we just survived our first major childhood illness. Nathan came down with the coxsackie virus, otherwise known as Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. I also came down with it, but thanks to the Heavens Above, my fatigue, nausea, and fever ended the night before he started showing signs. He started out with sleeping a lot and being very quiet, then developed a sudden high fever.
Sunday night around 1am, the baby alarm went off so I went to check on him. I found him shaking and drooling excessively in his crib and moaning. It just about scared me to death to find him like that, but it got worse. I sat with him in his nursery on the rocking chair and tried to warm him up, thinking maybe he was shivering from fever. However, he didn’t seem to respond to me and his legs went very stiff despite the shaking. I started to suspect a febrile seizure and practically ran with him into our bedroom where C was sleeping.

I shook C awake and comforted Nathan while C woke up. Nathan’s eyes rolled in the back of his head and then I knew without a doubt that it was a seizure. That went on for about 2-3 minutes and then he suddenly stopped shaking. I knew from a previous call to his pediatrician for a vaccination-induced fever that a febrile seizure is not an emergency if it only last a few minutes and he only has one. Scary as all get-out, but not an emergency.

Anyhow, I put Nathan to bed with me and he finally fell asleep around 4am. He continued to have fever until yesterday, so I followed the doctors orders and gave him as much as anything he wanted to drink, tylenol, and lots of love. He is finally on the mend today, and super-happy about this. I am really relieved to finally have my vivacious little boy back. 🙂

Shall update on our 20 week sonogram tomorrow. Be sure to check back and see if it is a Natalie Noella or a William Garrison!

18 weeks Preggo

Yesterday I had to run an errand and came home to irritable contractions. A LOT of irritable contractions. Individually, they weren’t much to sneeze at. Collectively they took my breath away and made me feel sore, mainly because it pulled on scar tissue and that just plain didn’t feel good. This morning, I finally called my OB and was told to head on in to check on things. So I dropped Nathan off at his homeschool preschool group and off I went.

At the OB’s office, I was poked and prodded….and violated (twice). Once was for a cervical check, which I thought was totally unnecessary because I also had a cervical check via the ultrasound. I seriously hate OB exams. I am pretty sure this feeling is unanimous with every other woman alive, minus a few weirdos, but just thought I’d throw that out there. Anyhow…both exams determined that all the contractions did not change anything down south, so I am still good to keep on baking this little bean. Whoo-hoo!

Speaking of, during the cervical check, the ultrasound tech yielded to my fervent pleads to see the baby on the screen. The baby’s head was pretty much the only thing I could see since he is in the head-down position. That and his hand. I actually got to bring a picture home of his hand, which is just amazing. I also thought I saw some…ahem…boy parts. So I asked the ultrasound tech:

Me: Are those boy parts?

Tech: No that’s the umbilical cord.

Ditzy me, slightly incredulously: His cord looks like boy parts?!?

Tech: No. You just don’t know how to read a scan.

Ok…maybe she didn’t say that last part. I honestly wasn’t paying attention and missed what she said, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she did say that. Nevertheless, I actually have a picture of the “boy part look-alike” cord on one of my take-home sonogram pictures. I swear it looks like boy parts, but whatever. It has two little ovals side-by-side with with another shape sticking up from the middle, if you know what I mean. So this baby could def be a boy. Or it could be a girl with a rather confusing umbilical cord. Who knows?  😉

A pain in the rear

I am 17w2d pregnant and pregnancy is becoming a pain in the rear…literally, that is. I seem to have developed sciatic nerve pain.  At times, whenever I put pressure on my right leg, it feels like a cross between a fractured pelvis and a charlie horse cramp on the right side of my rear. So I end up hobbling around and then the pain will suddenly disappear. I frequently find myself almost laughing at the sheer ‘ridiculousness’ of it all. I am trying to play around with exercises and sitting/sleeping/walking positions to see if it helps alleviate the pain. If it starts happening more frequently, I may see about getting a simple steroid injection near the nerve to calm the inflammation. An injection is the least expensive option I have available and is safe because it is not systemic, which means it stays where it is injected and does not go to the baby.

I am also starting to experience irritable uterus contractions as well as braxton hicks. If I get behind on fluids, or my GI acts up, then I will go into a series of irritable contractions which can leave me feeling quite sore. I had this with Nathan too right around this time.  I went into labor with him for the first time at 28 weeks, then off and on for the remaining 10 weeks that I carried him.

Baby is doing great. I am definitely starting to ‘pop’ a little and I can wear maternity pants now. I can still wear most of my regular tops, but I can also wear maternity tops as well. I am still not feeling regular movements yet. I usually feel a series of tiny thumps once a day or every other day.

Nathan is going through an imagination and vocabulary explosion. It is SO amazing to finally have  real conversations with my baby boy! One of the funny things he has been doing happens whenever I try to sing to the poor child. He will crumple his face in a grimace and sign the word OFF at my mouth, as if to tell me to turn off the singing! I don’t blame him though. Deaf people are just not meant to sing.


Nathan’s imagination is awesome. He will pick up various objects and in his mind they become rockets and space ships.  He is starting to draw both of these things now, and you can actually tell what his drawing is supposed to represent.  He also weighs a ton. I put him on the scale and he weighs about 38 pounds. It is weird because he is so skinny.  It must just be his huge noggin because he doesn’t have an ounce of fat on his tall, skinny butt. Depending on the brand, he wears 4T-XS tops, and 3T bottoms.  His socks are size 4T/5T, and he wears a size 9/10 shoe.  He has a few more months until he turns 3, so I think he is just going to end up being a tall, lanky boy.

In a few weeks, I will start teaching for the fall semester. I am co-teaching 88 students divided between two classes at one University, and co-teaching a psychology night class at another.  I will be working away from home for part of three days a week. It is an absolutely perfect arrangement for our family right now because it gives me a way to satisfy the intellectual side of me while helping out financially and still being here as Nathan’s primary care-giver.  I really could not ask for anything better, and I am truly grateful to be blessed in this way. 🙂

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