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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

A pain in the rear

I am 17w2d pregnant and pregnancy is becoming a pain in the rear…literally, that is. I seem to have developed sciatic nerve pain.  At times, whenever I put pressure on my right leg, it feels like a cross between a fractured pelvis and a charlie horse cramp on the right side of my rear. So I end up hobbling around and then the pain will suddenly disappear. I frequently find myself almost laughing at the sheer ‘ridiculousness’ of it all. I am trying to play around with exercises and sitting/sleeping/walking positions to see if it helps alleviate the pain. If it starts happening more frequently, I may see about getting a simple steroid injection near the nerve to calm the inflammation. An injection is the least expensive option I have available and is safe because it is not systemic, which means it stays where it is injected and does not go to the baby.

I am also starting to experience irritable uterus contractions as well as braxton hicks. If I get behind on fluids, or my GI acts up, then I will go into a series of irritable contractions which can leave me feeling quite sore. I had this with Nathan too right around this time.  I went into labor with him for the first time at 28 weeks, then off and on for the remaining 10 weeks that I carried him.

Baby is doing great. I am definitely starting to ‘pop’ a little and I can wear maternity pants now. I can still wear most of my regular tops, but I can also wear maternity tops as well. I am still not feeling regular movements yet. I usually feel a series of tiny thumps once a day or every other day.

Nathan is going through an imagination and vocabulary explosion. It is SO amazing to finally have  real conversations with my baby boy! One of the funny things he has been doing happens whenever I try to sing to the poor child. He will crumple his face in a grimace and sign the word OFF at my mouth, as if to tell me to turn off the singing! I don’t blame him though. Deaf people are just not meant to sing.


Nathan’s imagination is awesome. He will pick up various objects and in his mind they become rockets and space ships.  He is starting to draw both of these things now, and you can actually tell what his drawing is supposed to represent.  He also weighs a ton. I put him on the scale and he weighs about 38 pounds. It is weird because he is so skinny.  It must just be his huge noggin because he doesn’t have an ounce of fat on his tall, skinny butt. Depending on the brand, he wears 4T-XS tops, and 3T bottoms.  His socks are size 4T/5T, and he wears a size 9/10 shoe.  He has a few more months until he turns 3, so I think he is just going to end up being a tall, lanky boy.

In a few weeks, I will start teaching for the fall semester. I am co-teaching 88 students divided between two classes at one University, and co-teaching a psychology night class at another.  I will be working away from home for part of three days a week. It is an absolutely perfect arrangement for our family right now because it gives me a way to satisfy the intellectual side of me while helping out financially and still being here as Nathan’s primary care-giver.  I really could not ask for anything better, and I am truly grateful to be blessed in this way. 🙂


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