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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

It’s a …..


Mr. William Garrison is on his way!

A quick funny story about the sonogram: The tech started off with the baby’s head and worked her way down doing measurements. She took a peek at his spine and then lifted the wand and placed it on the opposite side of my belly. All of a sudden, what appeared to be very obvious boy parts filled the entire viewing screen for a moment. Without missing a beat, I said, “Whoa…thats definitely all boy!” The tech laughed and confirmed that it is indeed a very obvious boy! 🙂

We are OVER THE MOON about having another son. Nathan is so looking forward to having a little buddy to rough house around with. Our wallets are excited about not having to buy any new clothes. I just can’t believe I am going to have TWO SONS! I am looking forward to watching them both tackle baseball, Judo, soccer, or whatever other interests they may want to try. We’ll definitely have two golf players. Their Dad is going to make sure of it!

On the sonogram, the profile view really favors Nathan’s profile around the same gestational age. They have the same head/forehead shape, button nose, and totally kissable little lips. (I LOVE Nathan’s little mouth. It’s adorable when he puckers up to give you a kissy! His pout is pretty cute, too).

To share the good news, I put together a little video with captions on little notecards.  I wanted to do captions so that my Deaf friends could follow along too. We had a few false starts trying to create the video clip.I tried to get Nathan to hold the cards at first, but he kept taking off with them. Next, I tried to set up the camera/phone on a chair and hold the cards up with Nathan by my side, but he kept squirming and wanting me to get various things for him while filming. I then tried it by myself, but he took off with the propped camera. Finally, I put the boy outside in our backyard and just did the cards on the floor. It still came out ok. 😉 I’ll try to get it posted soon.

It’s a BOY!!!! Holy cow…


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