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23 Weeks Along

Here I am at 23 weeks along. I can basically give birth anytime after 14 weeks from today.  It’s been so amazing to feel this little life growing bigger every day.  Over the last week or two, I’ve been able track his motions better instead of just feeling his kicks.  I can feel him moving his arms, turning, kicking, kneeing, and jabs.  He is VERY strong for such a little guy! As of right now, he weighs about a pound and is almost a foot long.  It’s so amazing!


Moving right along…

Whew! Just finished a rough week. I have already noticed some differences now that I am treating my GI issues. The main one is that I actually slept for 4 uninterrupted hours last night. Whoo-hoo! I only had to get up twice and then slept for those 4 beautiful, much-needed hours. My pregnant self is in heaven over this. I also noticed that I didn’t seem to have as much GI pain after eating. The weird thing about chronic pain issues is that you don’t fully realize how much you are really dealing with until you get a decent break from it. Life is definitely easier and better without it!

Nathan is doing very well. We are going to look at twin beds for him soon. He is too long for toddler beds so we are just going to buy a twin for him.  He is also learning to identify the US states/capitols, and is working on his pre-writing skills such as tracing and making shapes/lines.  He is also starting on simple math problems and is doing amazingly well on these tasks.  I’m so proud of him for his love of learning, and I hope that he continues to enjoy learning as he gets older. 🙂

A pain in the gut.

For over a week now, I’ve been having symptoms of GI inflammation. It can be pretty rough in general, but add a growing, stretching belly with a strong, kicking baby and the pain can be a challenge to deal with. After however many nights of not sleeping more than 2 hours straight (partly due to Nathan, more on that later), I finally got in to see my doctor about it since my OB’s would not address my GI issues.

With Nathan, I went through the same thing and ended up having to take a low dose of a mild steroid to combat the inflammation for a little while. I am now back on this same medication and I am hoping that it quickly addresses the issue as it did with Nathan’s pregnancy. Also, late last night I tore an adhesion inside. It hurt like the devil, but the weird abdominal lump I had finally went away due to the adhesion snapping. The steroid should also help this heal faster and I should be good to go.

Nathan…lord help the boy. You know you have a tantrum-throwing toddler when you find yourself wishing for a one-way plane ticket to Grandmas, for the toddler I mean. The problem is that having an unwell, tired, very pregnant body simply does not work well with a huge, strong, tantrum throwing toddler. Ever. He is roughly half my height and approximately 32% of my pre-pregnancy weight. So with the pregnancy/baby weight and his, I am forced to carry almost half of my weight around whenever he is throwing his tantrums or when we go anywhere. It’s a lot to deal with, and my body kills me at the end of the day.

Another challenge I am facing is that the boy will not sleep. I have no clue what the heck is up with this. First, he stopped taking naps. My body NEEDS those naps and the break it provides for me. I have zero chance of really resting during the day without those cotton-picking naps. On top of that, he will not go to sleep in his bed anymore until after 11pm and only if you are sitting in his room. Sometimes I have to sit in a uncomfortable chair with a aching body for over an hour until he goes to sleep. Only then can I sneak out and go to bed, only to be woken up every two hours with my GI until he gets up between 7 and 8am. It’s exhausting.

So today, I had a doctor appointment in the city and had to go get the medication filled right after. Nathan’s sitter was unable to watch him, and so I had no choice but to bring him along with me. It was a nightmare, and two hours later I am still exhausted. When life gangs up on me like this, and I feel so overwhelmed that I just want to cry, it helps me to remember all that my mom went through. She pretty much raised my brother and I on her own, even when my dad was around. She took care of everything we needed from clothes to getting us through illness while going through health issues herself and working. Then she spent the last decade of her life fighting cancer. She was so strong and it makes me feel a little stronger whenever I think of her.

Anyhow…gotta run. Hopefully Life will be giving me a break soon. I surely do need it right now…



Naming Baby…round…(?)

Well…C and I decided that we do not want to name the baby William. I don’t want to call him Will, partly because our Southern relative’s accents mean that my boy will basically be called a tire “Wheel”.  C doesn’t want to call him William or Willie, so the name is out for us. We thought about naming him Garrison as his first name, and calling him Gare (rhymes with bear). However, our relatives will end up pronouncing it like Gay-er, so that won’t work either. Its true! Not meaning at all to offend anyone, but how it sounds in a Southern accent is simply something we have to consider.

Back to the drawing board…

The problem when coming up with a new name is that C and I have totally, completely, polar-opposite taste in names. I mean that. With Nathan, I pretty much just saw the hopelessness of the situation and felt that his name would grow on me, so I gave in and thus he is named. Our deal was that baby #2 would be more unique along the lines of what I like, but it just has not happened so far. So far, C has suggested Jeffery, Jeremy, Boring, and Trite. (Kidding). For comparison, my top names so far are Zane, Litton, Allson (All-son, no ‘i’ in there), Logue, and Wilhan. Another name I would be willing to consider (if someone held a gun to my head and threatened to burn my house down) is Tyler. Could we not be more opposite?!? Sheesh.

Anyhow, for me, I prefer to revive old, forgotten aristocratic names. The names sound trendy, but they are simply long-forgotten names that just haven’t been around in a while.  I am hellbent on making sure that at least one of my children end up with a unique but traditional name. Hopefully this child will not come into the world without a name we both love. Fingers crossed!

Guess who graduated?

Me! I have graduated to oral fluids now. I no longer have to do home IV fluids. The home nurse came and pulled my PICC line out, which I am thrilled about. I can now take showers and no longer have to wear longer sleeves to work to hide the contraption.  Yay! 🙂 I must say though that I am nervous to no longer have the option of hydrating via IV.  I just have to make sure that I drink as often as I can and stay on top of my fluids.

I am also back to teaching two classes twice a week.  I LOVE teaching! I try to make the class fun whenever I can, and hopefully help them retain as much information as possible from class. When I introduced myself, I made a joke about promising not to go into labor while teaching their classes later on. They all laughed about that and I think it helped to break the ice a little for everyone.  They are such a smart group of folks, so retention does not seem to be an issue as of yet. I can definitely see myself making a career out of this. For right now though, I am content to earn my teaching legs while I am working on getting this new baby into the world. 🙂

21 weeks 2 days Preggo

I know my belly looks tiny, but I am definitely showing more especially when I sit down. I am expecting to start really looking obviously preggo around 8 months pregnant like I did with Nathan.  The weird part is that it feels as heavy as a bag of rocks. I can feel (and see) GareBear’s kicks, rolls, hiccups, and jabs. Most of the time he is content to just sleep or move around a little. Usually he has at least two bouts of intense activity a day. In fact, the other day one of those bouts occurred while my cat, Lilah, was resting on my belly with her head by my chest. Garrison started kicking so much that she got fed up with her nap being interrupted and she got down!

Gotta run…

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