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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

21 weeks 2 days Preggo

I know my belly looks tiny, but I am definitely showing more especially when I sit down. I am expecting to start really looking obviously preggo around 8 months pregnant like I did with Nathan.  The weird part is that it feels as heavy as a bag of rocks. I can feel (and see) GareBear’s kicks, rolls, hiccups, and jabs. Most of the time he is content to just sleep or move around a little. Usually he has at least two bouts of intense activity a day. In fact, the other day one of those bouts occurred while my cat, Lilah, was resting on my belly with her head by my chest. Garrison started kicking so much that she got fed up with her nap being interrupted and she got down!

Gotta run…


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