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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Naming Baby…round…(?)

Well…C and I decided that we do not want to name the baby William. I don’t want to call him Will, partly because our Southern relative’s accents mean that my boy will basically be called a tire “Wheel”.  C doesn’t want to call him William or Willie, so the name is out for us. We thought about naming him Garrison as his first name, and calling him Gare (rhymes with bear). However, our relatives will end up pronouncing it like Gay-er, so that won’t work either. Its true! Not meaning at all to offend anyone, but how it sounds in a Southern accent is simply something we have to consider.

Back to the drawing board…

The problem when coming up with a new name is that C and I have totally, completely, polar-opposite taste in names. I mean that. With Nathan, I pretty much just saw the hopelessness of the situation and felt that his name would grow on me, so I gave in and thus he is named. Our deal was that baby #2 would be more unique along the lines of what I like, but it just has not happened so far. So far, C has suggested Jeffery, Jeremy, Boring, and Trite. (Kidding). For comparison, my top names so far are Zane, Litton, Allson (All-son, no ‘i’ in there), Logue, and Wilhan. Another name I would be willing to consider (if someone held a gun to my head and threatened to burn my house down) is Tyler. Could we not be more opposite?!? Sheesh.

Anyhow, for me, I prefer to revive old, forgotten aristocratic names. The names sound trendy, but they are simply long-forgotten names that just haven’t been around in a while.  I am hellbent on making sure that at least one of my children end up with a unique but traditional name. Hopefully this child will not come into the world without a name we both love. Fingers crossed!

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