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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Moving right along…

Whew! Just finished a rough week. I have already noticed some differences now that I am treating my GI issues. The main one is that I actually slept for 4 uninterrupted hours last night. Whoo-hoo! I only had to get up twice and then slept for those 4 beautiful, much-needed hours. My pregnant self is in heaven over this. I also noticed that I didn’t seem to have as much GI pain after eating. The weird thing about chronic pain issues is that you don’t fully realize how much you are really dealing with until you get a decent break from it. Life is definitely easier and better without it!

Nathan is doing very well. We are going to look at twin beds for him soon. He is too long for toddler beds so we are just going to buy a twin for him.  He is also learning to identify the US states/capitols, and is working on his pre-writing skills such as tracing and making shapes/lines.  He is also starting on simple math problems and is doing amazingly well on these tasks.  I’m so proud of him for his love of learning, and I hope that he continues to enjoy learning as he gets older. 🙂


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