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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Hot Momma

Well….maybe not a hot momma, but I definitely feel very beautiful as a pregnant lady. There is something amazing about feeling so connected to a baby as he grows in the womb. In many ways, it feels as if Benjamin “Zane” is already here even if he is unborn.  He has such a powerful presence in my life.  I feel his every move and thus already have a good indication of his personality, or at least how he compares to Nathan’s pregnancy. With Nathan, he was VERY laid back both in utero and as a infant. In the womb, he was rarely startled by sounds, ignored attempts to poke and prod, and didn’t spend much time kicking at all. As an infant, he hardly ever cried, thought he did spend tons of time fully awake in quiet contemplation.

Zane is the opposite. His powerful kicks started strong and super-early in pregnancy.  He is sensitive to sound and startles easily. If you touch a random belly bump (usually his elbow or knee), he will quickly move it out of the way even if he was previously seemingly resting. He spends just as much time employing full-out kicks as squirming around.  He is very quick to respond physically to the foods I eat, either in the form of kicking or very long bouts of hiccups. If his current personality continues through his birth, I feel strongly that he will be a sensitive, busy, strong force of nature. I definitely do not anticipate Zane to be as laid-back and quiet as Nathan was as an infant.

As of now, I am 28 weeks along. This is the start of my seventh month and thus my third trimester. Zane will basically arrive in about ten weeks, plus or minus a week, if things go as planned.  I am so excited, but in no rush to give birth to my little busy boy!

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