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34 weeks, 3 days Preggo

After having a ton of contractions during teaching the other day, I went straight to triage to be evaluated. It ended up being the most pointless adventure EVER. I sat there through hours 6 to 11.5 of contractions hurting, heaving, and waiting for some sort of treatment to help make the contractions go away. They even tried three times to start an IV, which left nasty bruises by the way, and finally got a line in. They said that I was definitely dehydrated, but IV fluids never came.  Although the nurses and the OB resident were very kind toward me, I finally had enough of waiting and decided that I would be better off at home trying to manage the contractions and heaving.  Plus, the resident said that I was not dilated or effacing so I figured that it would be ok to just go home. So I signed myself out and left. I had several strong contractions and a few episodes of heaving on the trip home. Fun times.

Once at home, I dealt with contractions, nausea, and pain alone until late the next morning when they finally started to ease up a little. I got up bright and early after very little sleep due to Nathan bounding into the room telling me to wake up and fix his breakfast. I felt like I had completed a marathon and then promptly hit by a bus. My muscles were burning me, I felt extremely tired and weak, and my ribs and abdomen felt like I had pulled several muscles.  (Note to self: figure out a way to build up some serious endurance for the Real D-day). I had a follow-up with my regular OB. Sometime during the night the contractions caused the cervix to become 50% effaced and dilated a tiny bit.  Good to know.

Anyhow, so I did learn some news at the OB visit. I also mentioned to her that I did not receive adequate treatment (or any treatment for that matter) at triage the night before. She mentioned that they were dealing with a obsetritional emergency, namely, a uterine rupture. I said a quick prayer for the woman and her child. For other news, Zane is in the correct position for birth and it is highly unlikely that he will change his position. I have managed to gain back the few pounds I lost a few weeks ago and my total weight gain is 24 pounds (thank you Ensure!). I also found out that while I may possibly have The Worlds Tiniest Baby Bump, that I am measuring perfectly for my gestational length.

Speaking of, I have been documenting my growing pregnancy with weekly or bi-weekly pictures on a social networking site. Though I have explained several times why my bump is VERY low profile (per my OB), there are still some people who do not believe that I am 34 weeks pregnant with a belly this small.  It sort-of hurts my feelings, though I am not sure why. I recall having the same issues while pregnant with Nathan. People just didn’t believe that I was as far along as I was.  My MIL mentioned that whenever I checked into the hospital at 38 weeks to deliver Nathan, someone there said that I only looked 5 months pregnant.  Yet later that day I held a nearly 7-pound, 19.5 inch baby with a huge noggin in my arms.  Multiple sonograms and OB exams have shown that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the baby’s growth or my weight gain. I just do not show much during pregnancy. I wish people wouldn’t make an issue about it.

Anyhow….next week is my last week teaching, then I have to hurry to catch up on all of the grading and so forth to wrap up the class for the semester.  My OB said that if I go into labor within the next 14 days that very little will be done to stop labor.  After week 36, if I go into labor they may go ahead and help me give birth to Zane.  Yikes!!!


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