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Belly Bug and Diaper Rash

How do you christian a newly-minted mom of two? Have her host a bout of a belly bug! So we did. Thank goodness it did not involve vomiting, just plenty of nausea and lower GI issues. It was really weird though because no one had an actual fever. Nathan acted normal aside from maybe being a little more tired than usual and going to the bathroom more often. Since I KNOW my child, and experienced similar symptoms myself, I strongly suspected a virus though I didn’t have enough to really call the doctor about. So I’ve kept him on the BRAT diet and eliminated diary and apple juice. Then, last night he had a symptom that I can finally call the doctor about to see what else I can do for him.

Unfortunately that ‘symptom’ left his bottom totally red and raw. He refused to let me apply a rash cream, saying that it hurt his ‘bobo.’ So I went into Nurse Mommy mode and initiated my Total Sore Bottom Defense plan of action. Just in case someone out there has a similar issue, here is what I did:

  • Keep their bottoms clean. As soon as they poop, change their diaper or clean them up.
  • Don’t use wipes. Use a soft washcloth and warm water only.
  • Dry their bottoms before putting underwear/diapers back on.
  • Use a cream if they let you. Diaper rash creams with zinc burn like the devil. Coconut oil burns as well. Use petroleum or plain corn starch. I’ve even heard of using maalox (anti-acid liquid medicine) as a cream or wash on their bottoms.
  • If you suspect yeast, use a washcloth soaked in boiled garlic water to wipe them down between changes. You can apply garlic oil squeezed out of oral garlic oil supplements to their bottoms, especially for overnight. It is instantly soothing and will kill yeast on contact. Trust me, it works!

For Nathan, he wouldn’t let me put cream on his bottom. Instead, I fixed a herbal bath for him. I squirted enough of Dr. Bonners Peppermint castile soap to make the water cloudy. Peppermint is soothing and the castile soap is a very gentle way to clean. Then I added some Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus, and some Calendula oil to the water. He initially didn’t want to sit down in the bath because his bottom was so sore, so I distracted him from this by giving him some glow sticks to play with while the lights were off.

Then, I made sure his bottom was dried. I put a diaper on him that I had sprinkled with about a tablespoon of plain corn starch. I gave him some advil to help aliviate¬† some of the discomfort. This morning I checked his bottom and it was SO MUCH better! He wasn’t even complaining of it hurting or acting like it was sore. It went from oozing-like, red, raw to just a little bit pink overnight. Totally amazing! Anyhow- I hope this helps someone. It certainly worked for him!




Finally finished the post about 10 things I have learned by becoming a mom of two! Check it out…

A Conversation with Zane

So I told Zane about how the lights at the Super Bowl suddenly went out. He was like,


“Hahahahaha! That’s hilarious!”

I was like, “No, Zane. I’m for real. The lights actually went out in the Superdome.” He was like…



I said, “Yes, Seriously. It really did happen.”

Then he was like…


“Ooooo! Man that really sucks.”

Which was followed by,

IMG_4616“I wonder what happened?” He pondered this for a few minutes and then was like,

IMG_4617“I bet it was a conspiracy. In fact, I bet one of the 49ers fans did it. It’s happened twice, the lights going out I mean. Speaking of…”

IMG_4627“I’m getting pretty sleepy myself. Nice chatting with you, Mom.”

IMG_4624“Good night!”

Zane, 5 weeks old


My Big Guy is already five weeks old. He is growing INSANELY fast! Here’s a recap of his development so far in month 1:

  • Weighs about 10 pounds and is about 22 inches long.
  • Wears 3-6 month clothing and size 1 diapers.
  • Nurses about every 3 hours around the clock for about 15-20 minutes.


  • Lifts head up straight: a few days old
  • Pushes up to lift head and upper torso: a few days old
  • Holds head up and looks around: 1-2 weeks
  • First real/social response smiles: 3 weeks, 5 days old
  • First frowning response, 4 weeks old
  • Rolls from belly to back: 4 weeks, 6 days old
  • Pulled blanket into his mouth: 5 weeks, 0 days old.
  • When I tell him to “wait a minute” he will usually stop fussing for a few minutes until I can settle to nurse him.
  • When I ask him, “What’s the matter?” He will stop fussing and look at me and give me his hungry cues while looking straight at me.
  • While nursing, if I tell him, “You better wake up.” He will usually open one eye, look at me, take a deep breath, and resume nursing.


  • Actually very laid back. He doesn’t really cry except for when he is especially gassy or hungry. Otherwise he’s totally fine doing whatever.
  • He is STRONG and very alert. Ever since he was like a week old he will open his eyes wide, wrinkle his forehead as he lifts his eyebrows up, and sort of pants in excitement when you talk to him. I call it his, “I’m listening” face.
  • If he likes what you are doing with his hands or feet, he will lift them back up for you to grab. I think he started this at 2-3 weeks. I have a video- it’s cute!
  • He knows exactly what has to happen when it is time to nurse and gets MAD if anything else happens (put him down, hand him to someone else, give him a binky) when he is hungry. As soon as I cradle him he will instantly calm down and start to root. It’s funny to see him switch so quickly!
  • If he has to wait forever to nurse (read- 2.5 seconds after initial cry), and then finally latches on, he looks for all the world like a hungry dog with a giant ham bone off in some corner, daring someone to take his bone away. Trust me, the description totally fits. It makes me laugh every time.
  • Hates diaper changes
  • LOVES baths!

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