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A Conversation with Zane

So I told Zane about how the lights at the Super Bowl suddenly went out. He was like,


“Hahahahaha! That’s hilarious!”

I was like, “No, Zane. I’m for real. The lights actually went out in the Superdome.” He was like…



I said, “Yes, Seriously. It really did happen.”

Then he was like…


“Ooooo! Man that really sucks.”

Which was followed by,

IMG_4616“I wonder what happened?” He pondered this for a few minutes and then was like,

IMG_4617“I bet it was a conspiracy. In fact, I bet one of the 49ers fans did it. It’s happened twice, the lights going out I mean. Speaking of…”

IMG_4627“I’m getting pretty sleepy myself. Nice chatting with you, Mom.”

IMG_4624“Good night!”


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One thought on “A Conversation with Zane

  1. Aunt Allie on said:

    He is so cute!!! Love his many different face! Aunt Allie can’t wait to meet him!

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