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Chunky Man’s Second Month

Geeze…where has the time gone? Zane, whom we have affectionately nicknamed “Chunky” is now 9 weeks old. Here is an overview of him from weeks 4-8:

Weight: 14lb    Height 24″   Clothes: 6-9m bodysuits, 6 month footies  Diapers: cloth

Had his 2 month shots, did fine with them. Doctor says he has a little bit of umbilical hernia which should heal on its on by age four. Says he is very healthy!

Nurses every 1-3 hours still, though the time spent actually nursing is getting shorter. I am VERY sleep-deprived but so far I have not given him a drop of formula since those few doctor-ordered bottles he had when he was 2 days old as part of his jaundice treatment.  I haven’t missed a feeding through the flu, mastitis, thrush, sleep deprivation, engorgement, fussiness, nor missed a feeding with the noravirus (stomach flu). I’m proud of myself for sticking to my commitment to him!

Started pouting around 5-6 weeks

7 weeks: hands to his mouth (“found his hands”), rubs eyes when tired, copies facial expressions (tongue out of mouth), coos

8 weeks: mimics some sounds (heh/hey and smacking sounds); trying really hard to mimic “Oh”

Personality: A very happy-go-lucky little guy. Seems to be slightly more of a “people person” than Nathan was, for lack of a better explanation. What I mean is that he seems to want to interact with people more and loves being held, snuggled, and interacted with. Nathan liked those things as well, but Zane will protest if he is left to his own devices for too long.

He doesn’t really have a fussy time. Every now and then (maybe 2-3 times a week for about 5-10 minutes)he will seem a little bit fussy as though his belly is bothering him but it is usually if he is overly tired and too hungry all at the same time. We’ve been VERY luck so far to have two of the easiest babies you can have. I hope he keeps it up!

That’s pretty much it for Zane’s second month. Nathan is doing very well. We started him back at the homeschool preschool twice a week for two hours a day. The lady who does this is an absolute blessing. She has a degree in early childhood development and is professional to the core. He is mainly going for the chance to interact with the other kids there and to work on his handwriting.  C mentioned that it is a nice break for me, but honestly it is more trouble. I have to get all three of us dressed, fed (cooked for and Zane nursed), load both of them in the car, drop Nathan off, unload Zane, change/nurse him again, and then I may get about 45 minutes to get something done before I have to turn right around and repeat the exercise to pick Nathan back up again. So I am definitely not making things easier on myself, but that’s ok. The point is to do what is best for Nathan, and he needs the interaction, change of routine/scenery, and school work.

The days are pretty rough at the moment, mornings especially. I usually get up and grab coffee and breakfast for myself after Zane nurses around 7am and wait for Nathan to wake up. (I am NOT a morning person, and usually find myself grumbling and zombie-walking all the way to the coffee maker). Then I fix his breakfast, get him dressed, do the dishes, tidy his toys, make up our beds, sweep the floors, start the laundry, and wipe counters down before settling to nurse again. Then I change Zane, make sure Nathan keeps using the potty, get myself bathed and dressed, then cook lunches for myself and Nathan. Nurse again, change him again, sit down to eat my lunch finally. Clean up after eating, then I try to get them both down for their naps and may or may not get a chance to rest for 30-45 minutes. Then I get up, fold the laundry, set up the cloth diapers, nurse again, tidy up again, and start on dinner around 4-4:30pm.  The evenings are mainly spent nursing, tending to what Nathan needs, giving baths, and getting ready for bed. Then I wake up every 1-3 hours at night and start all over again. Exhausting, but totally worth it.

Here are some random pictures from month 2:



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