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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)


Hello there! Sorry it has taken me so long to update. Just a heads up that this post is being written at night when I am TIRED and in a hurry…

Things have been crazy busy here lately. For starters, C is working a second job from home in the evenings. This is in addition to his full-time job.  He was actually hoping to find a job that pays more to help us while I remain on unpaid maternity leave until Fall semester begins at the end of August. This new job’s full-time position lacks the benefits that our family needs and so the compromise is for him to work part-time there until he is able transition to full-time after I start working again.

Last week I was trying to get over mastitis, a cold, and dealing with a sick toddler (cold) and a teething(!!!) infant while being a single parent during the week. It’s HARD to run a house and tend to both kids 27-7. However, I love that I get to be here and raise my own children. I just can’t imagine putting Zane in daycare right now. For one thing, he absolutely refuses bottles. We have tried everything and still the boy hates them. He is over the age limit and a few pounds over the suggested weight limit to start solids, so I am slowly trying to introduce rice cereal in breastmilk. I am hoping that he’ll associate food with spoon feeding instead of just nursing and possibly be more willing to take a bottle or milk from a spoon. We shall see.

Nathan is doing well. He is going to occupational therapy (OT) once a week and biweekly physical therapy (PT). They are helping him coordinate his body better, build up equal strength on both sides of his body, develop better balance, help core strength, and deal with his sensory issues. He also had a evaluation at the local public school to see if he qualifies for free preschool there in the fall.

While at the evaluation, the teachers were there and got to interact with him. They did several evaluations and noticed that while he is incredibly bright and articulate, they did notice that he has some autism (ASD) language traits. They asked me if I have the results from his autism evaluation, but I told them that the waiting list is up to a year long. So in the meantime, they told me to just keep him in the OT/PT program he is on now and they will incoroporate his current therapists’ recommendations and do his OT/PT there at school. If he does not end up being diagnosed on the autism spectrum, then all of this early intervention should get him caught up by the time he starts elementary school. If he DOES fall on the spectrum, then this will probably be ongoing.

While there, a few teachers made the mistake of touching him. One tried to grab his hand to guide him to a table, and the other was trying to show him how a toy worked. He went from happy chatting away to throwing mini fits over being touched. Nathan HATES being touched, hugged, kissed, held, and so forth, and so I had to quickly mention this to them. They are professionals and trained to work with all kinds of children so I am sure they’ll figure his preferences out very quickly. Nathan is VERY excited to start school in the fall! He loves the classroom, and loves the idea of riding the bus each day.

His mommy is really excited as well. 😉 I went ahead and bought the rest of his winter wardrobe while things are on clearance. I bought him some new cute saucony shoes for a few dollars, some other shoes from The Childrens Place for $3-4 each, a $25 puffer heavy jacket for under $10, tons of long sleeved t-shirts and sweaters/sweatshirts for $0.49-$4 each, pants for $2.50, a light weight jacket for $4.99, and 2 fleece jackets for $1.99 each.  Oh! I found him two VERY cute winter hats that are made to look like silly monsters with mohawks and horns for $1.99 as well.  His baby brother got matching clothing whenever I could find his size. I would say that between the two of them I probably spent about $75 on around $500 worth of clothes or so. I still need to get him 2-3 pairs of jeans but I just haven’t found a good enough deal on any yet.

Also Zane and I went to yard sales for the first time this weekend! I found a Ralph Lauren button-up shirt, swim trunks, and a fisher price”car wash” toy for Nathan for $3 total.  Speaking of Ralph Lauren, I had a TON of Ralph Lauren clothes and other smocked rompers in a separate bag which I was planing on using for Zane. I can’t find it ANYWHERE. I am afraid that the bag got put accidentally into the donate pile and picked up by the charity. The thought makes me feel absolutely sick, so I am just hoping that the bag is misplaced somewhere (I HOPE!)






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