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Nathan: updates

Nathan is doing SO much better since starting physical and occupational therapy! He now goes to bed between 8pm and 10:30pm and sleeps most of the night. He takes regular naps now as well. He will climb all over playgrounds, play in the water sprinkler outside, trying to learn to peddle a bike, does much better walking up stairs alternating his feet, and his fine motor skills are improving. We are still working on getting his over-response (negatively) to touch down, his head sensitivities, and a few other things better. Hopefully he’ll keep improving.  I am very, very proud of him.

His therapists recommended that we start taking him to the pool to try and desensitize him. The only issue is that we do not have access to one, and the local pool here is extremely expensive. We decided to buy season passes again to Kings Island. It is a great place to help him confront his sensory issues in a fun environment. They have the water park for swimming and the amusement park with rides to expose him to various sensory input. We went recently to the amusement part and definitely noticed improvements. 🙂

He is now on a “sensory diet” to help him as well. Each day he has to do activities to address the various forms of input. To strengthen him we may play games involving climbing the stairs or jumping on the trampoline. For balance, riding his balance bike or hopping on one foot. Sensory play may include his sand table, bubbles, or water play. I try to do brief deep pressure messages to work him up to tolerating or maybe even enjoying being hugged or snuggled. We’ve got a long way to go, but we’re getting there one day at a time.



What they hear…

Here is a little humorous take on life with a toddler (and baby too)…

What I say: You can’t play with that.

What toddler hears: You should definitely take off running with that. As fast as humanly possible in fact.

What you say: Please sit down and eat dinner with us.

What toddler hears: Can you show me again how to make a food mountain? On the table?

What baby hears: You should scream to nurse. Like, NOW.

What you say: Don’t touch the laundry. I just washed those.

What toddler hears: Wouldn’t it be fun to pour grape juice all over them? Makes such pretty colors!

What you say: Please stay out of my makeup box.

What toddler hears: Let’s dump mommy’s make-up in the toilet and see if it floats!

What you say: Lord, please keep him quiet during church service.

What toddler hears: (Nothing. You weren’t crazy enough to bring him to the service!)

What baby hears: Aren’t you overdue for a bowel movement, sweetie? Wait until the praying begins and then let it rip!

What you say: Sit down and be quiet while I try on these clothes, ok?

What toddler hears: Why don’t you see what the lady in the next stall is trying on, dear?

What you say: Do NOT go into the laundry room EVER!

What toddler hears: Did you see the bleach in the laundry room? Why not pour some on your new bedroom rug?

What you say: Stay in the yard.

What toddler hears: Get out of the yard NOW!

What you say: We’re leaving in five minutes.

What toddler hears: You should take a nap.

What baby hears: You should scream to nurse, like NOW!

What you say: I’ll fix you some juice in a minute.

What toddler hears: I will never fix your juice, ever.

What you say: You need to walk right by me in the store, ok?

What toddler hears: Can you show mommy how fast you can run?

To be continued….

Zane’s first birthday

So…I know my child is only (almost) 5 months old, but last night I came across some good deals on birthday supplies. It really got my creative juices flowing. I LOVE doing things for my boys, and their birthdays are so much fun to plan and put together. It’s just something I really enjoy doing. Anyhow, last night I saw a cute party plate designed to be a Woodland Gnome theme. It is contemporary, cute for kids, and easy to work with.

The only problem is that if you just use the pre-made party theme, it ends up looking cheap. Plus, it is nearly impossible to reuse the supplies for another party, which I prefer to do in order to save money between my two boys’ parties. Anyhow…I noticed the grey raccoon and thought that a grey chevron table cloth would be cute and allow the colors to pop. I can reuse the paper lanterns from Nathan’s Dr. Seuss party and his leftover balloons. I put together some images on powerpoint to show you what I am talking about:

Slide1A mushroom cake is easy to make, as are little felt gnome hats. I can also spray paint some branches from the yard yellow and white, and I have an old vase I can paint yellow for the centerpiece. Some moss balls around the base of the branches would add some color and texture without interfering with the clean, contemporary look. Like this:

Slide1 copy

I thought about having someone make some woodland animal cookies instead of doing a big cake. It’s cheaper, cuter, and most people like cookies. Toddlers can eat them without messing up their clothes like a cake with dyed icing would. Since the party is inside, it would also mean less mess!

I also always do lots of plain latex balloons. It is incredibly inexpensive and kids LOVE them. It is a great way to quickly transform a room into a party wonderland. Always use more than you think if you plan on doing this. You can also send kids home with a few after the party as part of their party favor gift bag. Easy peasy!

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