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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Zane’s first birthday

So…I know my child is only (almost) 5 months old, but last night I came across some good deals on birthday supplies. It really got my creative juices flowing. I LOVE doing things for my boys, and their birthdays are so much fun to plan and put together. It’s just something I really enjoy doing. Anyhow, last night I saw a cute party plate designed to be a Woodland Gnome theme. It is contemporary, cute for kids, and easy to work with.

The only problem is that if you just use the pre-made party theme, it ends up looking cheap. Plus, it is nearly impossible to reuse the supplies for another party, which I prefer to do in order to save money between my two boys’ parties. Anyhow…I noticed the grey raccoon and thought that a grey chevron table cloth would be cute and allow the colors to pop. I can reuse the paper lanterns from Nathan’s Dr. Seuss party and his leftover balloons. I put together some images on powerpoint to show you what I am talking about:

Slide1A mushroom cake is easy to make, as are little felt gnome hats. I can also spray paint some branches from the yard yellow and white, and I have an old vase I can paint yellow for the centerpiece. Some moss balls around the base of the branches would add some color and texture without interfering with the clean, contemporary look. Like this:

Slide1 copy

I thought about having someone make some woodland animal cookies instead of doing a big cake. It’s cheaper, cuter, and most people like cookies. Toddlers can eat them without messing up their clothes like a cake with dyed icing would. Since the party is inside, it would also mean less mess!

I also always do lots of plain latex balloons. It is incredibly inexpensive and kids LOVE them. It is a great way to quickly transform a room into a party wonderland. Always use more than you think if you plan on doing this. You can also send kids home with a few after the party as part of their party favor gift bag. Easy peasy!


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