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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

What they hear…

Here is a little humorous take on life with a toddler (and baby too)…

What I say: You can’t play with that.

What toddler hears: You should definitely take off running with that. As fast as humanly possible in fact.

What you say: Please sit down and eat dinner with us.

What toddler hears: Can you show me again how to make a food mountain? On the table?

What baby hears: You should scream to nurse. Like, NOW.

What you say: Don’t touch the laundry. I just washed those.

What toddler hears: Wouldn’t it be fun to pour grape juice all over them? Makes such pretty colors!

What you say: Please stay out of my makeup box.

What toddler hears: Let’s dump mommy’s make-up in the toilet and see if it floats!

What you say: Lord, please keep him quiet during church service.

What toddler hears: (Nothing. You weren’t crazy enough to bring him to the service!)

What baby hears: Aren’t you overdue for a bowel movement, sweetie? Wait until the praying begins and then let it rip!

What you say: Sit down and be quiet while I try on these clothes, ok?

What toddler hears: Why don’t you see what the lady in the next stall is trying on, dear?

What you say: Do NOT go into the laundry room EVER!

What toddler hears: Did you see the bleach in the laundry room? Why not pour some on your new bedroom rug?

What you say: Stay in the yard.

What toddler hears: Get out of the yard NOW!

What you say: We’re leaving in five minutes.

What toddler hears: You should take a nap.

What baby hears: You should scream to nurse, like NOW!

What you say: I’ll fix you some juice in a minute.

What toddler hears: I will never fix your juice, ever.

What you say: You need to walk right by me in the store, ok?

What toddler hears: Can you show mommy how fast you can run?

To be continued….


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