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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Summer days…

Gosh…time sure is flying by this summer. I can honestly say that this has been one of the best summers of my life. What makes it so great is not that it has been easy (it has been the hardest, actually, since becoming a parent). It is not great because we have done anything extraordinary (though we did just visited family down South which was fun). What has made it so great is that I have enjoyed my boys so much, even on the rough, sleep-deprived days. One of my best friends came up to visit us and it was amazing to hang out with her. Also, we got to hang out with my side of the family which has not happened in forever. C is also happy and in a good mood and that makes for a happy family.

As for bad news, my job position is not available in the fall.  However, C’s job is sufficient for me to stay home for a little bit longer. We have also decided that it is finally a good time to move to Georgia. We have been talking about it for years but it was just never the right time.  We feel like all of the things that were holding us here are no longer there or relevant. I am just looking forward to finally being around my friends, family, and also upgrading our home. We need four bedrooms. One bedroom for each of us plus an office for C’s work-from-home job. I would like a bigger kitchen for goodness’ stakes! I think our growing family just needs a bigger house in general. Plus, where we are moving to has swim/tennis communities which the boys will love as they grow up. We just have to sell the home we have (after MUCH preparation) and then we will move. Fingers crossed!


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