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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Zane…in grass

Ok, so to mark this very last day of my baby’s sixth month in life, I decided to try and take some pictures. I readied my camera and dressed him up in his little bubble outfit. I scouted out what I thought was an ideal location…outside, in the grass. I plopped the boy down, backed the required distance away from him according to my lens’s focal length, and prepared to make an absolute fool of myself in order to make him smile.

DSC_6423The grass, with the boy plopped down…

I called his name, repeatedly, which he repeatedly ignored…


It turns out that he is fascinated with grass. He wanted to touch it, smell it, and perhaps eat it, but thankfully I intervened.


I finally walked right up to him to get his attention…


Which I don’t think he appreciated, because goodness, he busy playing with GRASS! I think the grass started to bother him a little bit, because I caught him making this face:

DSC_6480So I walked back up to him and reassured him that the grass is indeed ok, and that the photo shoot will be over soon:

DSC_6433DSC_6432Finally I tried one last time to get a decent picture of him with him smiling for the camera:

DSC_6427BAM! Decent picture of him smiling. 🙂

Here’s one more cute outtake, just because:



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