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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Finally! It’s over

You may or may not recall, but for the last six months the Hubs has been working two jobs trying to switch over to working full time from home.  His job hours required that I tend to the kids and all of the household things during the week and a lot during the weekends. The last few weeks were extremely challenging due to us being sick and just not feeling well.  But by the grace of goodness I held on to the bloody end and survived. Hallelujah!

So last week was his first week working from home. He has been helping me in the evenings with baths and after-dinner clean-up, and I swear I died and woke up on vacation.  I will never complain about how hard this is now that I have some help around the house….or at least until Chunky starts walking. 😉

For random news/updates:

Still praying hard and trying to move “home” to Georgia.  The main (only?) thing holding us here is this house. Right now the market is so bad that selling at what it goes for would put us in debt and we will have to rent for quite a few years in order to build back up a savings and down payment on a new house.

Chunk is doing well. I think he may be another smart-tater like his big brother. He is still a joy but I can tell he is a strong-willed child.  As with his big brother, I am hoping to help nurture the trait and help gently mold these traits into the natural-born leaders that they seem to be. No clue at all where they get this outgoing, outspoken personality from as I was hopelessly shy growing up and I know C doesn’t have a social butterfly bone in his body (he’s more of a quality over quantity kind of fellow when it comes to friends).  I may just have to give credit to genetic recombination on this one. 🙂

I have noticed that Chunk is experiencing some separation anxiety now and he definitely prefers me (though it may be due to nursing him).  Nathan was always a go-to-anyone, see ya later kind of baby. Just very independent from day one.

For Halloween, Nathan will be a Transformer and Chunk will be a Chunky Robot.  I will try to take pictures with my good camera and get them posted. 🙂

I have also started a little store to sell boy’s clothes.  The local consignment stores here are getting a bad reputation for ripping people off and I prefer not to sell through them.  I try to sell outgrown clothes or clothes that I don’t think I will want to dress Chunk in by the time he is big enough to wear it.  This lets me build up a paypal account balance so that I can just buy them clothes using the money I’ve “earned” by selling their old clothes.  It’s mostly fun and has a the added benifit of not putting a burden on my husband’s income for us.  He really appreciates that I am being resourceful, the moms appreciate cute clothes at decent prices, and I enjoy getting to dress up two very cute little guys.  So for now, it def seems to be working for us.

Nathan also started some classes at our local family gym.  He is doing a sports introduction class and just had his first class this week.  It’s so funny watching adults around him. Nathan, as I mentioned, does not have a shy bone in his body. He will walk right up to a stranger and give them a high five, and remember them so that if he ever sees them again at any point he will walk right back up to them for his high five! So this sports class, he did soccer. He actually has quite a knack for soccer! He soaked up the terminology like a sponge and mastered the little techniques the first or second time he tried.

I’m a little nervous for future classes though because he doesn’t have any patience with boredom. So if they review the techniques or practice something he already knows, he starts acting up quite a bit.  He also is picky about changes. I noticed at the last practice that he made sure no one used a different color ball than the one they started with.  Some high lights of the class, things that only Nathan would do:

  • The teacher asked him to sit in a circle with them. The other kids were compliant and sat right down with huge doe eyes for the lesson. Nathan remained standing saying, “No thank you. I think I’ll just stand.”
  • When the teacher wanted them to keep practicing a certain throw to make sure all the kids got it, Nathan, bored, collapsed dramatically onto the ground and declared apologetically that he was simply too tired to throw a single ball more. He remained there until another kid attempted to move his star, then he moved quicker than lightning to put his start back.
  • They played a red light/green light game. When one of the teachers moved, he lectured her on what exactly you are supposed to do when one shouts Red Light.
  • In the middle of the teacher talking, he paused to give a thumbs up and shout, “Good Job dude!” to the man that had been playing basketball in the adjacent court.

I think it is pretty evident to all who meet him that this kid of ours is just in a league of his own, marching happily to his own beat.  Like them, I am baffled by him but aside from some rough edges he is a hoot and I am proud of my charismatic little boy.

Nathan also just turned four years old last week! He refuses to accept that he is no longer three years old though.  If you ask him how old he is, he’ll say, “I’m three. I’m too tired to be four.”  Whatever works.

Gotta run…Chunk is waking up….





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