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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Like Ostrishes and Sand

So there is lady who is now stationed in Cambodia and doing some pretty amazing work there.  The other day, she saw what is highly likely a scene that should simply not exist in the world: a child being sex trafficked.

She wrote about it here.

At first, I tried to think of a million other things that could have actually been going on in the scene.  Perhaps the man was a family member of someone who babysat the girl.  Maybe the money had nothing to do with the child at all.  I wondered how the writer could hear the verbal exchange so well over the loud motor vehicles, maybe she simply misunderstood since it is not her native language.

Then I realized what I was doing is exactly what half of the problem is. I was denying that such a scene was taking place. Here was someone who clearly felt that this child is being sold for sex, and I, having only to rely on her words, was finding myself choosing to deny this.  It is so easy to sit here having had a safe childhood in a culture who values children and refuse to accept such notions. But really though, isn’t that a huge part of the problem?  Does that not lump me in with all the other people who inadvertently allow this to happen because it is easier to simply look the other way?

A feeling of guilt and helplessness washed over me.  Then I remembered that I am not helpless at all. I can write about this and hope that this gets the word out about what is happening to precious little girls, babies really, all around the world and especially in Cambodia.  Believing in the power of prayer, I prayed for them. I prayed for the writer to continue her amazing work and for taking the time to write about this little girl.  I prayed for the men involved that they will somehow have a change of heart.  I prayed for the little girl to stay strong after being abused so horribly. I prayed and I prayed.  And now I am praying that some of you, those reading this, will pick up the prayer chain and get the word out about this precious child in her blue pajamas and all the other little girls just like her around the world.


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