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Tantrum Advice…well this clears it up!

My one year old has a little issue with his temper. In fact, he has been slamming his head on the floor when he does not get his way. Anxious to nip this joyful behavior in the bud before the Terrible Two’s hit, I scoured the internet for advice. To save you the time of doing a ton of reading, I decided to summarize what I read for you:

Tantrums are the result of a frustrated child, except for when they are being manipulative. Young children are NEVER being manipulative. You should always try to talk to the child to help him understand his feelings and to give him the words to express himself. One year olds cannot express themselves. Temper tantrums are the result of kids not having the right words to express themselves.

You should always ignore a tantrum. Never leave a child alone when he is in the midst of a tantrum.  You should always comfort a child when they are overly upset. If ignoring the tantrum does not work, physically place them in a safe place and leave them there until they calm down. Always pick them up and hold them after a tantrum and reassure them that you love them. Never reward a tantrum, make sure you let them know that such behavior is unacceptable. Tantrums are a normal part of childhood. Things will go better for you if you just accept this.

Children know exactly what they are doing when they have tantrums, and children are often scared and unable to regulate their emotions. Try to keep them well-rested because tired children tend to have a difficult time regulating their emotions. It is perfectly fine to allow children to experience tantrums because this will help them learn to regulate their emotions better. College-age kids will still throw themselves onto the ground in a tantrum if you do not teach them when they are young how to regulate their emotions. One year olds cannot regulate their emotions.

Hope this summary helps you struggling parents out there! Hang in there.


Mommies need breaks too

I recently read an article written by a mom on the topic of needing breaks. You can read it here.

I’ve always explained it as feeling “touched out.” Touched out is a term to describe my total lack of personal space and dignity that comes with being home all day with two young children. It also refers to sensory assaults. Everyone has their own threshold to what they can tolerate, and every situation is unique.

Sensory assaults…my kids are having some lower GI issues. The cat is having upper GI issues. I woke up this morning to my floors being covered in vomit ranging from just-eaten food to liquid to finally a liquid puddle with the offending hairball finally expelled. The kids have had several massive bowel movements and I have no clue what is up with that.

There is a lack of physical space…throughout the day I am constantly hit, tapped, or flat-out headbutted because I am deaf and that is how they get my attention. Empty sippy cups are tossed or thrown at me. All of my food and drinks are begged for and I frequently look down into the cup that I have been drinking to see a wad of spit from a four year old drink sampler deciding he did not, in fact, want to drink my water. So he just spits it back for me to discover later. Fun times.

Lack of dignity….potty breaks and baths are communal events. These occasions are basically parties as far as the kids are concerned.

I am at the mercy of these little yet demanding clients 24 hours a day. I am ok with this and this is what I absolutely want to do, but it is healthy for Moms to take time for themselves to recharge, and husbands need to be understanding of this. So moms…TAKE A BREAK. Recharge your batteries and you’ll back on top of your game in no time.


Ok…so I saw that one of my absolute favorite children’s shoe maker was holding a contest. For this contest, you submit a shoe design. The shoe first gets voted into the top 10 shoes, and then the Livie and Luca shoe team will select one shoe to go into production for their spring/summer line.

I got to work! I poured over popular children’s clothing makers to see what colors and styles of clothing is selling well now. Then, I looked at children’s artwork and found some cute flowers made out of cupcake wrappers. I put my heart and soul into creating a shoe that would be relatively easy to produce, a show-stopper yet a shoe that would coordinate well with many different outfits, making it well worth the purchase.


I need your vote. PLEASE take a moment to do literally two clicks to vote on my shoe. You can see it on livie and luca’s facebook page. It’s the mint green shoe with the name, Minty Boquet. Just click on the link from your computer and you will help me get these adorable shoes onto the feet of sweet little girlies!

Or, if you can, ask a few of your closest friends and family to help. I just need to get into top 10, just a few votes away.

Thank you!!!!!!!

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