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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)


Ok…so I saw that one of my absolute favorite children’s shoe maker was holding a contest. For this contest, you submit a shoe design. The shoe first gets voted into the top 10 shoes, and then the Livie and Luca shoe team will select one shoe to go into production for their spring/summer line.

I got to work! I poured over popular children’s clothing makers to see what colors and styles of clothing is selling well now. Then, I looked at children’s artwork and found some cute flowers made out of cupcake wrappers. I put my heart and soul into creating a shoe that would be relatively easy to produce, a show-stopper yet a shoe that would coordinate well with many different outfits, making it well worth the purchase.


I need your vote. PLEASE take a moment to do literally two clicks to vote on my shoe. You can see it on livie and luca’s facebook page. It’s the mint green shoe with the name, Minty Boquet. Just click on the link from your computer and you will help me get these adorable shoes onto the feet of sweet little girlies!

Or, if you can, ask a few of your closest friends and family to help. I just need to get into top 10, just a few votes away.

Thank you!!!!!!!


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