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A Parable

A Parable.

There once were two brothers who ventured on a journey in search of a better life. They had prayed for years asking God to lead them to where they need to go. One day, they decided that it was time to start their journey.  For many days and many nights, they continued along his journey. They grew very weary but kept trusting in God the whole time. Finally, they reached a fork in the road.  They were not sure which way to go, but they knew they had to pick the right road because they would be too weary to turn around again to take the other path.

They looked down each road and evaluated the options. Down one road, it appeared to be a straight road leading to a set of hills. This road was to the left. On the right, a road had a big curve in it, and it lead to very high, seemingly impassable mountains.  They felt God telling them to go right, toward the high mountains. The most weary of the two brothers began to doubt God. “God,” he cried out, “You have been so kind to me. However, I am too weary to take the road you told me to go. I will go toward the hills instead.”

“But, brother,” Said the other man, “Will you not trust God? He has told us to go toward the high mountains. We must trust that He will give us the strength and carve a path for our passage. We have prayed for a better life, we must trust that He will deliver. We have set out in search of greener pastures with enough water to support our livelihoods. Let us trust in him, and turn toward the mountains.”

Wearily, both brothers yielded to God and started off on the path toward the mountains. Along the way, they passed many kind and wonderful people who provided them with food, water, and a place to lay their head all along their journey. They slowly gained their strength back and for this they praised God. Their confidence grew along with their strength as they rounded the long road and the majestic mountains came into view. They were shocked to see that the road did not in fact lead over these mountains, but rather through them! Again, they praised God. They journeyed through the mountains, coming at last to the end of their road. Before them lay a land of riches more then they ever dreamed of.

They found a temporary home with a kindly widow until they could set up their own place to live. Once day while eating supper, they began to tell their story. Upon hearing this, the widow said to them, “You were both very wise to trust in His promises, for the road to the left, leading to the small hills, lies beyond them a desolate desert. You would have perished like many before you. Praise God you are here!”

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.


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