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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Nathan’s Birthday Parties


Theme: Pirates! Bold black & white, and red & white stripes will be the predominant colors!

I LOVE the pirate theme because “pirates” and I both have our own “treasures” (ie- Nathan).

My friend, M.D., has come to the rescue and has been a HUGE blessing in helping me get this party coordinated and oh-so-adorable!  She is even going to be making a pirate themed diaper cover for his cake smash event! She is also a very talented photographer- so be sure to check out her pics! 🙂

Their goody bags will have: pirate silly band bracelets, eye patch, pirate hat, gold coins, candy, and a few other “goodies.”  The younger ones will have the hat, pirate bath/squirt toys, and a few other things. 🙂

I think I am going to do a different theme and make my own cake.  I found a site where you can do your own icing and then apply sheets of edible prints onto the sides and the results look professional.  We are doing a pirate theme with bold red stripes!  Here is an example of the basic design (I will add more to it):

I am having a banner with his name on it made:

from Natalie on ETSY

A link to an inspirational pirate theme party .

FOR OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES: I also found this really cool giant pirate ship inflatable “pool” that I will be filling with play balls to make a ball pit for the kids to play in. They will have a ball (literally) in this awesome toy!

9/7/2010: Ordered his party invites!

The invite isn’t the cutest design in the whole world, but I figured that people would appreciate having these pictures of him more than they would anything else.  Plus, I think he makes it pretty darn cute if you ask me 😉

and some thank-you notes:


So…I ordered his smash cake diaper cover from ETSY.  It looks like this one except for that they are going to monogram his name instead of, “All Boy.”


Found a photographer!

I asked my brother-in-law, S. Smith, if he would mind taking the photos for his birthday event.  He said he would love to! He has taken photos for several other family events and does a really great job with them, so I’m really glad that he will be doing this for us. 🙂


Here is an example of the smash cake photographs which I hope to capture:


Birthday Outfit

I am going to go ahead and order him his monogrammed John-John outfit.  Fall weather in Mississippi is crazy and so I don’t know if it will be warm or cold.  With John-Johns, I can put either a long-sleeve turtleneck on under it, a short-sleeved one, or he can even go without a shirt.  I will do his lace-up oxford boots and knee socks as well.  Here is a picture of one that I like:

Also…I want to put it on a cake pedestal stand.  I am thinking either a silver contemporary one, or doing a white one with ribbon embellishments on it:

For the smash cake event, I plan on stripping him down to his diaper and cute diaper cover.  Then, I will set him up on a drop cloth on the floor and let him have at it while I snap tons of pictures.  Oh! I plan on making him a little birthday hat to wear too: This ribbon topiary is really cute too. Also, if we did little cupcakes, we could display them like this.


NATHAN TURNS 2!!! Dr. Seuss Theme

I picked the Dr. Seuss theme this year because I wanted to reuse some of last year’s decor.  I plan on doing this every year so that I can get the most for my money and efforts.


What do you think? Any ideas and suggestions are welcomed! :-)

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